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My First Book, Release Date January 11, 2022 - My Birthday


This is “no lie”! For the last few months, I have been sleeping with my manuscript under my pillow every night. I closed my eyes reading my story over and over again in my head until I drift until my dreams. I pray every night that my story reaches millions of girls and boys around the world. Everybody has an opportunity to help change the world in their very own way…mine is through my story “It Reign In Africa”.

Today I got "good news", that my story will be going to BRAZIL.

Zoe will be speaking Portuguese!

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Proofs In the Pudding

The excitement you have when you receive your first set of proofs for review.

Book and schedule ME for a book reading!

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

I am very excited about the launch of my new book "It Reigns In Africa"! So excited that I would love for you to schedule me, so I can share with you my REAL life Ancestral Reconnection experience, my tour will include: story reading of "It Reigns In Africa", original photos of my Naming Ceremony, my personal Cam Air Co. flight magazine article, Cameroon Tribune News article, proof of the land title (my gifted plot of land), etc. I will allow 30-40 minute Q & A. If you're interested, write me a line below!

Get Inspired, Write your own story, Let me assist you!

If you are inspired by my story and you are thinking about writing your own book. I will be the first to tell you; I really enjoyed the ENTIRE self-publishing process and I would happy to assist you. Drop me a line below if you would like to hire me. Good luck!