Errands For Grandparents 

During the beginning of pandemic Covid-19, Brigitte founded and established "Errands For Grandparents" a FREE  personal errand service for underserved Senior Citizens in the Washington, DC area to assist with grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, church errands, and other selected errands.  This is a contact-free service.  It's simple! The grandparent writes their "To-Do List", they contact us, we schedule a date, we pick up and drop off.  We select two senior citizens each month.  This program is dedicated to my grandmother "Nana" in honor of the more than 10,000 volunteer hours of service that she provided to various organizations before her passing in 2013.  If you know of a senior citizen, a disabled veteran, or a disabled individual, who can benefit from this service, please sign-up below.  Thank You!

Mother of Humanity 

I am pleased to announce that I have been tapped Outreach Ambassador for the Mother of Humanity Foundation.  Every since my ancestral reconnection in 2010, I have always dreamed of being apart of something extra special in Cameroon.   As with any successful project it requires joint efforts, dedicated people, support and hard work.  If you are interested in joining me as a volunteer, sponsor or to donate.  Please click the link below for more information.      

The purpose of this is to support the Foundation's building of the 313 foot tall Mother of Humanity® monument in Cameroon, Africa.

The Mother of Humanity® Foundation, Inc. is planning to build Africa’s 95m tall Mother of Humanity® monument, and MotherLand™, the ecological themed park. These will recognize and celebrate Africa as the birthplace of humanity and cradle of civilization. In so doing the Foundation’s principle mission is to heal the world by inspiring each individual, especially today’s youth, to become living examples of the patience, compassion, and understanding, symbolized by the monument as the universal principle of a mother’s boundless loving-kindness.